Fresher Air for Fresher Day

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Duct Cleaning.

An essential service required for all homes and industries that use metal duct work to provide their envelope (space) with heat (furnace), cold air (central air conditioning), or fresh air. As dust circulates from Cold Air Return using air handler system such a furnace fan to the rest of the house or space. This dust will stick through the vents and main ducts over the time building a thin to thick layer of dust. Cleaning the dust in the duct work will prevent mold and bacteria build up and protect the life of the furnace.

Sanitizing (Disinfected).

Sanitizing is an anti bacteria (disinfected) that kills bacteria, mold, HIV, and other things. The material we use is 100% green that kills 99.9% of mold and bacteria. This is not harmful to human or animals. The scent will last an hour or two but the effect will last six months.

Furnace Filters.

Use the best quality filters. The reason of furnace filter is to protect your furnace from dust in the first place and then to reduce the amount of dust passing through to the supply duct and to the house. Air flow takes place from the cold air return duct to the furnace and then to supply duct. The arrow for air flow points toward the furnace. Think about it this way, if you use low quality filter, more dust will go through, your furnace then needs cleaning, and the supply duct will be full of dust.